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“Greetings from Lara Dutta”

From the shy sixteen-year-old who faced the lights for the first time to Miss Universe at 22! What a journey! What I have experienced this year is difficult to verbalize. It’s been about emotions, learning, friendships, and growing up. From shaking hands with Presidents to working with children living on the streets with AIDS, this year has changed my entire perspective on life. The countries I visited and the events I attended will fade from memory in time, but lessons will always live with me. In this single year, I have experienced what takes most a lifetime, but none of this incredible year would have been possible… (Read more…)



“Lara Dutta crowned Miss Universe”

The goddess of beauty has a new name and it is Lara. Mumbai’s Lara Dutta is everything Miss Universe 2000 should be. Anyone who watched the Femina Miss India competition knows what a grand event it is. It’s even bigger than Miss Universe itself with more international guests and a glamourous stage production that even puts the Oscars to shame. The best part is, there are no time constraints! Lara Dutta already was an international titleholder, winning Miss Intercontinental in 1997 as well as other competitions. Lara definitely ranks among the best Miss Universes of all time, a true winner right to the finish. (Read more…)