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„Luscious Lara”

When we walked in we found this Ex-Miss Universe and Bollywood hottie lying on the floor, waiting to be questioned. That’s right, we were just born lucky.


So are you the permanent Bollywood Boustier Babe crooning away in film after film?
Not really. See me crooning in ‘Zinda’. I look more like Batman rather than Boustier Babe there.

When did you realise men were going a bit cross-eyed gawking at you?
In nursery actually! I realised I was not really attractive but I did have a way with men.

What is sexy food for you?
Strawberries dipped in chocolate… mmm!

Food that absolutely turns you off?

What puts you off most in a man?
Bad breath!

So how often does Lara Dutta encounter bad breath shooting romantic scenes with co-stars?
Mercifully, not too often. After launch on the sets everybody gets biryani breath! I have rather sweet co-stars, though, who ask if they can have onions for launch.

How long do you take to get dressed?
An hour. Maybe two. Mainly because I believe in being fashionably late to anywhere!

After all those rumours about you and John Abraham what was it like being with Bipasha on the ‘Koffee with Karan’ show?
Bips and I have known each other for years now, through our ex-boyfriends, the ramp and movies. Didn’t quite realise how much we laughed. We had such a blast. Great show. Great viewing. We enjoyed doing it. And people apparently loved watching it.

Are you a tough chick? The independent-woman-on-her-own-stance… bit of a Modesty Blaise, are you?
Not too tough. But being the tough chick helps somewhat. Both as work as well as play.

hb2Ever slapped anyone, Lara?
I did slap someone actually. I was promoting ‘Andaaz’ when some bloke got too close and I whacked him hard. Haven’t had to do that to any of my co-stars. Yet!

You’re quite toughie – fast bikes and bungee jumping, and that really turns us on. Anything you’re afraid of?
I’m always challenging myself on land and air but I’m a mess in the waters. Yet the craziest thing I’ve done is dive to cure my fear of the water. And then went seabed walking in Mauritius to cure my hydrophobia.

And did the phobia go away?
No! I’m still petrified. I would dive again but I can’t swim.

How long have Kelly and you been together? Why, Lara! Why?!!!
Well it’s been seven years. And you know what they say about the Seven Year Itch!

So there’s hope?
Exactly! But with me being five feet eight that automatically rules out half the eye candy available in the sea.

Tell us your secret fantasy.
Every chick has her private fantasy. Looks like a nun and imagines being transformed into a houri. You expect someone will propose to you and sweep you off your feet. And we all wait. And wait. And wait for that to happen.

What’s the logical conclusion to a date?
If he’s nice a goodnight kiss! If not, a drop off at the door please.

The corniest come-on line directed at you?
Where have I seen you before? Haven’t we met before? Are you in the movies or something?

Your most romantic date, moment?
Plenty. I’ve travel down memory lane for this. As a working girl I don’t get that much time off. Impromptu trips to Jaipur for breakfast. That’s just one of the nice moments I remember.

What’s Kelly got that other men don’t?
Well one thing he does NOT have is hair. For the rest he’s super confident and very comfortable with himself. And he makes me laugh like no one else.

What’s the difference between your buddy and your guy?
It’s all about that underlying elusive quality. Your guy can also be your buddy. And the bedroom too can be fun!

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Source: Maxim India, April 2006