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Restoring focus with meditation

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at work sometimes. While we all have varying ways to cope with stress, one of my personal favorites is meditation. Meditation is something I turn to when I need to clear my head at the end of a hectic day, or even in the middle of it. It helps restore my sense of well-being and improves my sleep quality.

Every night I find a relaxing corner of my room, whether I’m at home or away, and sit in a comfortable position to meditate. I then focus on my breathing, and on simply being in the moment—which is all it takes to practice meditation.

There are several benefits to meditation. Those who meditate often use it to regain focus or nurture a more positive mindset. For centuries, people have used it to cope with anything from anxiety to depression or even physical pain.

Just recently, I came across an article highlighting even more benefits of the practice. It describes a scientific study that tracked its participants’ brain volume before and after meditation. After just 8 weeks of meditation, the brain capacity of the study’s participants increased in 5 different areas.

One thing I like about meditation is how easy it is to fit into any schedule. If like me, you don’t have the time for extended meditation sessions, don’t worry. Just a few short minutes each day is enough for you to see significant improvement in your well-being.

As someone who travels regularly, I meditate to combat jetlag. It restores my nervous system to a rested state after a strenuous flight, and is an integral part of my travel routine.

I depend on these short sessions to help me unwind daily. Here’s a 5-minute meditation routine I observe when I’m pressed for time:

  1. At the end of the day I like to find a spot in my house that’s clutter-free to settle in. If you’re away from home, a comfortable place in your hotel room will do just as well. When I’m on the road, I find the Westin Heavenly Bed™ the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful session of meditation.

  2. Sit as upright as you can, without straining yourself.

  3. Close your eyes and clear your mind. If you find this hard to accomplish, try using essential oils to ease your mind into a more relaxed state. Scents like rose and cedar wood are particularly conducive for restoring focus and tranquility.

  4. Concentrate on your breathing. When you feel your mind wandering, bring your attention back to your presence in the room.

Here’s an alternative for when you’re not able to find a comfortable spot to meditate:

When I practice meditation on flights or in-between shoots, I simply sit upright in my seat, plant my feet firmly on the floor and focus on my breathing. In no time, my sense of calm will be restored.

Try meditation – you’ll be amazed by how it enhances your daily life in small yet significant ways.