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Posted on 03/15/2016 in Magazines Interviews

When we walked in we found this Ex-Miss Universe and Bollywood hottie lying on the floor, waiting to be questioned. That’s right, we were just born lucky.

So are you the permanent Bollywood Boustier Babe crooning away in film after film?
Not really. See me crooning in ‘Zinda’. I look more like Batman rather than Boustier Babe there.

When did you realise men were going a bit cross-eyed gawking at you?
In nursery actually! I realised I was not really attractive but I did have a way with men.

What is sexy food for you?
Strawberries dipped in chocolate… mmm!

Food that absolutely turns you off?

What puts you off most in a man?
Bad breath!

So how often does Lara Dutta encounter bad breath shooting romantic scenes with co-stars?
Mercifully, not too often. After launch on the sets everybody gets biryani breath! I have rather sweet co-stars, though, who ask if they can have onions for launch.

How long do you take to get dressed?
An hour. Maybe two. Mainly because I believe in being fashionably late to anywhere!


Posted on 07/24/2015 in Magazines Interviews

There are no half measures when Lara Dutta talks. It’s straight from the heart. Without giving it a second thought, the actor on a comeback confesses her career is still not top priority. That honour is safe and secure with her domestic life. Her frankness extends to her co-stars and colleagues as well. She’s all praise for longtime friends Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra. The warmth only doubles when she speaks of husband Mahesh Bhupathi and daughter Saira. Every bit of her focus is devoted to her better half and child. But that doesn’t mean she’s step motherly towards acting. She makes sure she gives it her all when it comes to performing on the set of Singh Is Bling. Her commitment goes to the extent of getting bruised when it comes to doing physical comedy. One of the most beautiful women in the world is a lot more detached from fame and fortune than you’d think is possible…

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Posted on 01/27/2015 in Magazines Interviews

The youngest-ever United Nations Population Fund [UNFPA] ambassador is also one of the most beautiful women in the universe. Lara Dutta, beauty queen, actor, and a grounded and compassionate human being, goes on a self-exploration trip with Roma Kapadia.

Tell us something about Lara, the person.

For starters, I love being me. I take good care of myself because I think it is a big part of being yourself. Also, I think the older one gets the more one needs to care for oneself. I don’t smoke or drink [I never have]. I am a pure vegetarian and believe in a holistic approach to good health. I avoid taking allopathic drugs unless I absolutely have to. I propagate and practise homoeopathy and ayurveda. I lead a healthy life and enjoy my work.


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Posted on 12/20/2014 in Magazines Interviews

Lara Dutta, India’s most original and eloquent beauty queen, strips down and opens up – about Bangalore’s long lost Jazz Age, New York and why you should be funny.

You grew up in Bangalore. How do you feel about how the city has changed?

It has changed tremendously. It was the nicest place you could have to grow up in the Eighties – all these wide open spaces. My sisters are much older than me, and I grew up hanging out with them more than I did with my own friends, so even at 16, I was thinking like someone in their twenties. So I loved the whole jazz culture, the club culture that existed in Bangalore. But it has changed quite a lot over the past few years. It went from being a really open-minded and very easy-going culture to one that is very controlled and restricted. I don’t think that I could go back and live in Bangalore today, but it is still home and all my friends are there.


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Posted on 12/01/2014 in Magazines Interviews

Interviews, photo-shoots, soirees and air kissing are mundane elements of hack’s life. After a point, everything becomes predictable and boring but when you have an enchantingly off kilter beauty in a mini dress effortlessly romancing the camera right in front of your eyes, it is a visual, which is difficult to erase from the mind’s dictionary. Spunky and spirited, Lara Dutta is not just another celluloid goddess. The sultry siren with impossibly long legs and butt that would give complex to Jennifer Lopez about her own envied one, reminds you of a supermodel as she messes up her hair adding to the androgynous allure and stands tall in the achingly high sculpted ‘Dior’ shoes. As the camera rolls and Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ starts playing, Lara jigs with an effervescence of a teenager.

“Both Kelly And I Knot The Reasons Why We Broke Up”

A lot has already been written about the turbulent upheavals in her personal life and for the first time, the gamine beauty breaks her silence and clears the thick fog of unsettling rumours. When I ask about Lara’s break-up with her live-in boyfriend for several years, Kelly Dorji, she sounds a tad ruffled. “That’s between Kelly and me. I have never really spoken about it. Of course I would acknowledge him if I meet him,” says the femme fatale succinctly.


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