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Sep 27 “Don’t call it a comeback”

After marriage and motherhood, Lara Dutta has been away from the big screen for a while. she’s returning with a slew of exciting films, but refuses to term it a ‘comeback’. Lara talks to us about playing mommy to Saira, her daughter with Mahesh Bhupathi, and more.

Former Miss Universe and actress Lara Dutta has been away from the arclights for a while now, but she is returning to the big screen with three big projects — Fitoor, Azhar and Singh Is Bling. Admitting that she’s been happy playing mom to Saira, her daughter with tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi, Lara adds, “But now Saira’s grown up a bit and these interesting offers came up so I decided to get back. I have three drastically different roles in these films and now I intend to get back to the movies seriously.”

While she herself chose to take a break and focus on her family, Lara does not believe that there are fewer roles for married actresses in Bollywood. In fact, she feels that her possibilities have only increased after she tied the knot with Mahesh. “The world has changed now. Actresses who are married get tailor-made roles. And now I can also produce films. I have a nice husband with whose support I can indeed do so many things,” Lara says.

She admits that while her priorities have changed after marriage and motherhood, she doesn’t get a feeling of having “missed out” on anything. “I enjoy looking after my daughter. Mahesh was busy setting up his tennis league, but I’ve had great business support from him.” 

Marriage, Lara tells us, has made her far more comfortable in her skin. “There is no pretense in me now,” she says. “When you are new (to an industry), you do not know much and in the learning process, you have to just keep pretending to know everything! Now with everything in place — a baby, husband and business — I am leading very happy life.”

With Mahesh and Lara both having busy careers, the actress says they make it a point that Saira is always with one of her parents: “We see that one of us is constantly present with Saira. When I’m caught up with work, Mahesh looks after her. Luckily, she is a sorted baby. I don’t know if it’s the mother in me speaking because all mothers find their babies to be best! But I am thankful that she adjusts everywhere and doesn’t throw tantrums.” So, which of her parents’ careers does Saira seem more inclined towards? “I can see more drama in her. I have been taking her to the sets at times. She does not seem to be inclined towards tennis as such,” Lara says.

Saira is beginning to realise that her parents are celebrities, and is now used to people coming up to her parents, wanting to click photos with them. But one thing Lara doesn’t appreciate, is when people try to photograph Saira as well. “We’re used to our public status, but when people want to click snaps with Saira, I really do not like it,” the protective mom says. “I want Saira to grow up normally. Once we were at the airport and a few women tried to wake up Saira who was fast asleep on my shoulder, saying, ‘Isse uthao, humein iska muh dekhna hai!’ How ridiculous!”

Back on the subject of work, Lara isn’t in favour of the term “comeback” being applied to her. “My baby is a priority and I had to be there for her, but I haven’t been away for so long that this needs to be called a ‘comeback’,” she says. “An actress goes through many more changes mentally and physically as compared to an actor for which she needs some time to get back. I wish people were more understanding.”

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