LARA DUTTA ZONE Your Source For The Actress
Mar 29 Lara Dutta lawyers up to fight Azhar in court.

As a part of her prep, the actress even met her lawyer friend and observed her at work. Lara Dutta, who was last seen in Fitoor, returns to the screen now as Meera, a public prose cutor, in the Azhar biopic. The actress describes her latest screen avatar as a no-nonsense lawyer who fearlessly stands for the truth and is feared by her peers.

“It’s a challenging role and I had fun playing it because it’s a totally fiction al character but integral to the narrative,“ says Lara, who is Mohammad Azharuddin’s nemesis in the film as she fights the former Indian cricketer trying to prove that he’s guilty of match fixing.

As part of her prep, she spoke to a lawyer friend and observed her at work to understand the body language and the finer nuances of playing the part. Director Tony D’Souza insists that he thought Lara was apt for this role that demanded a strong, stern look and someone who could act well. “She went through all the legal documents pertaining to the case.We also had regular reading sessions. She really worked very hard for the role,“ says Tony, who saw a lot of the independent Meera in Lara herself. They shot most of her portions in Hyderabad and few scenes in London. Lara and Tony have known each other for years, having done Blue together earli er. “She instantly fell in love with the role. Lara in fact, was so much into the char acter that sometimes even off the camera she would speak the lawyer’s language,“ he laughs.

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