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Sep 11 Lara Dutta’s this Miss Universe record is still unbroken.

Lara Dutta made the whole nation proud when she won the title of Miss Universe back in 2000. What made the victory sweeter was the fact that Priyanka Chopra and Dia Mirza too rocked the world as they won the title of Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific, respectively. While India celebrated the triple whammy, not many realised that the victory by Lara Dutta was of epic proportions.

Yes, by winning the title, she created a record that still stands, that is still unbroken. According to a report in India Today, Lara Dutta created history by being the only winner to have scored highest marks. It was the first time in 65 years of the beauty pageant that contestant got 9.9 out of 10 from almost all the judges.

While Lara’s score in the swimsuit competition was the highest what happened in the final round is something that dreams are made of. Her final round score was the highest in the history for any round in the Miss Universe contest.

And it’s been 18 years since her win, this record stays intact. None of the future winners could break this record.

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