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Sep 18 “No pressure of playing glamorous roles.”

Actress Lara Dutta, who is essaying a geeky character in “Singh is Bling”, says she does not have the pressure of playing a leading lady or being glamorous on screen anymore.

After giving birth to a child in 2012, Lara took a break from acting. Now she is elated to be back with Akshay Kumar-Amy Jackson starrer film.

“There is no pressure of playing the heroine or love interest of the hero. I can actually be the actress and have fun by playing great roles, forget about what your looking like, what your hairstyle and clothes are like,” Lara told PTI.  “One can look beyond all these things and focus on acting. It was a good time to be back,” she said.

However, the 37-year-old actress has no issues staying away from glamorous roles.  “I am completely ok with it (not playing glamorous roles) don’t have any problem with it. For me, its liberating to not have that constant pressure on you,” she said.

Lara thinks heroines of Hindi films are stereotypical and she wants to break away from that. “For the last 10 years or so I was doing the same thing… Doing glamorous films except one or two films ‘Billu Barber’ or ‘Chalo Delhi’. I think the Hindi film heroine is stereotypical. It is nice to have an opportunity to have that freedom to not to do that anymore,” she said.

She insists that it does not mean that she hated being glamorous for many years.  “I came from modelling industry so I am part of fashion industry. It is not that I hated being part of glamorous film. I like dressing up,” Lara said. “It is just that when you get chance to break away from that… Like in this film the role is different.”

In the film the “Singh is Bling” actress plays a geeky character called Emily. “Emily has no sense of style I am not like her in real life, she is cracked, crazy, quirky and funny,” Lara said.

The former beauty queen reveals it was her good actor friend Akshay, who offered the role to her. “Akshay called me saying he needs me and wants me to play a character in “Singh is Bling”. My daughter is three years old… So, I had the time this time as she goes to school,” Lara said. “I thought of putting the time for a film.. It is a fun entertaining film. It is a mad character,” she said.

“Singh is Bling” directed by Prabhudheva is slated to release on October 2.

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