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Two days ago, we told you that producer-director Ravi Chopra had reportedly won his Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai battle.

It is rumoured that the film corporation will now pay Ravi 17 cr in settlement of the principal amount and the interest on it.

The filmmaker’s wife, Renu Chopra, admitted that they had won the Banda battle and that they would be paid a proper compensation for their movie starring Govinda, Lara Dutta and Tabu.



Looks like another of Govinda’s films that was languishing in the cans, will now see the light of the day.

This time around it’s Ravi Chopra’s Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai, also starring Tabu and Lara Dutta. The film had been stuck due to a legal wrangle between the filmmaker and a corporate house.

Apparently, the case has been ruled in favour of the veteran producer-director. Chopra, who has been unwell for close to two-and-a-half years, besides being troubled with financial matters, finally has something to smile about.


lara358In Bejoy Nambiar’s David newbie Vinay Virmani is seen to take more than a passing interest in Lara Dutta.

Lara, for those who came in late, plays a single mother of a growing son who stays with her father-in-law after her husband’s death.Vinay visits her to give Lara guitar lessons . There’s a dicernible warmth between the two.

Apparently Vinay, in all humility felt there should be more to his rapport with Lara than  just a suggestion of a relationship.

Says a source, “Vinay felt the relationship was too chaste. It needed a bit of  physicality. He suggested at least a peck on the cheek to show how close his character was to Lara’s character.”

When questioned Vinay didn’t deny that he did suggest a bit more physical proximity with Lara. “I mean, it is obvious I am very  close to Lara in the film. Her son looks up to me almost like a father-figure. In fact her father-in-law stops me from coming to their home because he suspects there’s something between us. I suggested to Bejoy that we should have a scene showing some intimacy between us for her father-in-law to get worried. But Bejoy was dead against the idea.”

Explains Bejoy, “I was very clear on this relationship. Lara and Vinay were to share a very close but platonic relationship. There was no question of any physical intimacy.”


lara_0807_430xDAVID releases tomorrow and one can see that the men out there, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Vikram and Vinay Virmani, are all over. Though there is some fair deal of focus on Isha Sharvani and Monica Dogra as well, the ones who are conspicuous by their absence are Tabu and Lara Dutta.

However, filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar has hinted in not so uncertain terms that his film is mainly about his three Davids and everyone else has a small part to play in their respective stories.

“Well, there were no false claims being made since at the story level itself we all knew what we were getting into. It was always known to Lara that she would have a cameo appearance and she agreed to do the film. Same for Tabu who knew that it wasn’t like a lead part that she was playing but then whatever she was doing on screen, it was very important. This is the reason why she had immediately latched to it,” reasons Bejoy.

One wonders though whether he wasn’t greedy to utilise these elusive actresses for much larger parts.

“Today no one has any regrets whatsoever about the relevance or the length of the part. Everyone is fitting in perfectly well,” smiles Bejoy while also bringing an end to the topic.

Well Bejoy, we hope so as well!


tumblr_m39b7kVuU81r00jw4o1_500Don 2 was the last film Lara Dutta appeared in before she took an extended maternal leave from the Hindi film industry. However, post-pregnancy she opted for Bejoy Nambiar’s forthcoming bilingual film and needless to mention, is thrilled about its release as it marks a new phase in her acting career.

On January 20, Lara celebrated her daughter Saira’s first birthday with husband Mahesh Bhupati. The actress is apparently enjoying motherhood and is taking her sweet time to choose scripts. “She’s in no hurry to revive her career and is making sure she balances her work with her family. Her priorities are very clear,” says a source close to her.

When Lara was asked the reason for choosing Bejoy Nambiar’s ‘David’ as her comeback project, she replied, “After having my first child, I was looking for something that would excite me as an actress. When Bejoy read my role out to me, I knew this was it. I’m happy to be part of such a film. I’m all positive about it.”

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